We develop the ultimate transportation solution individually for your sports equipment!

There are uncountable possibilities of combining vehicles and sports gear, which need to be transported. Therefore, there is no ‘ideal solution’ that 'fits all'. We are convinced that a modular construction is required, which is adaptable to the particular needs of each customer. This ambitious task can only be performed by a manual and flexible way of production. Additionally, each concept requires the manufacturing of a prototype in order to prove its benefits. ‘Short distances’ between our customers, the development and the manufacturing are helpful for this approach.
On this account, we decided to act contrary to the common trend… we combine most of the required processing steps ‘under our own roof’. Therefore we are able to test each concept thoroughly.

Construction and calculation

The Computer Aided Design (CAD) saves time and helps to reduce the amount of prototypes, which need to be manufactured. The 'folding character' of our product particularly requires the production and supply of many components. Their assembly and disassembly needs to be planned and visualized in advance. With the help of CAD the geometry can be derived for calculation and manufacturing drawings directly.
Such an automated deduction of manufacturing drawings is needed to allow custom sizing of our modular product in order to precisely fit your needs. With the help of the CAD-surrounding we were already able to check the feasibility of different concepts efficiently.
Subsequent to the construction process, we need to ensure that the ‘solution’ is capable to sustain any possible loads. As the weight is an essential design parameter of roof boxes - due to the permissive roof load and the driving behaviour - our aim is to reduce it. A vast variety of loading scenarios (as a consequence of airflow, cornering, braking, accelerating, loading and tying down payload) need to be considered. At the same time different roof rack distances depending on the vehicle type are used. Therefore, an automated calculation process is required to find the best possible solution, although offering custom sizing of the boxes. We use the 'finite element method' with the help of appropriate software. This allows us to find a lightweight design for any custom-sized roof box at short notice.

  • Windsurfing roof box design with CAD
  • Stress calculation of roof box with FEM
  • Construction and design of the roof box
  • Calculation and dimensioning of the roof box


In small batch production most of the manufacturing steps are done in-house. However, for welding and finishing we cooperate with experts in our immediate vicinity.
In our small factory we saw aluminium profiles, weld the structure by TIG-welding and cut textiles ourselves in order to recompose these parts to your roof box by rivetting, bolting, sewing, glueing and welding. Different materials and their combinations are already checked for feasibility during the manufacturing of our prototypes. We constantly keep in mind that you are going to use our products in the sea-water spray at the North Sea as well as under the Moroccan sun.

  • Folding windsurfing roof box sawing aluminium
  • Sawing skin for folding windsurfing roof box
  • Welding of the folding roof box aluminium structure
  • Drilling aluminium profiles for the structure of the roof box
  • Sewing the skin of the air-conditioned roof box
  • Welding of the folding roof box aluminium structure

Stress tests, driving behaviour and final use

The previously mentioned calculations help to assess a particular design. However, they do not substitute tests on the final product. So stress tests on full scale prototypes help us to validate the previous calculations and to make sure that there is no swinging, vibrating or fluttering of parts during the ride. There isn’t any other test for it that is more suitable than the road test itself. Hereby, we film the box from different angles during driving at different speeds and wind conditions. If the analysis of the footage does not show any conspicuity, the most important tests begin: Loading and unloading under realistic circumstances. Is the accessibility of the box easy? How simple and fast is the tying-mechanism? How quick does the gear dry in the roof box? How long do assembly and disassembly take? We believe that only continuous testing, revision and enhancement lead to a coherent quality product.

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