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Here we collect all "Frequently Asked Questions" related to our roof boxes, that reached us by and by.
However, if you have any further questions feel free to contact us.

Maximum travelling speed (with our roof boxes)

If allowed by the traffic regulations and the speed recommendation of the vehicle manufacturer, we recommend a maximum speed of 130 km / h. For some vehicles, there are separate speed recommendations for roof load. We also recommend adapting the travelling speed to the road and wind conditions.

Maximum weight of the load

Our roof boxes are planned and designed for the transportation of surf equipment (boards, sails, masts and booms), which ensure an even distribution of loads on the roof racks of the vehicle due to their length. It is possible to transport up to 130 kg in our boxes, but nevertheless one should not ignore and exceed the specifications given for the roof rack and the data, that is provided by the vehicle´s manufacturer. Please refer to this information!
When loading our roof boxes, use the load securing system to ensure that the load is properly fixed.

Theft protection

The theft protection of our roof boxes consists of several individual components. The fundamental goal in protecting against thieves is to make the theft as time-consuming as possible. Therefore the rear of our boxes is secured by a heavy disc lock. The aluminum frame provides protection in the other directions, so that surfboards cannot be pulled through the openings.
In order to remove smaller or narrower objects (e.g. sails or masts) out of one of our surfboxes, it would be obligatory to cut open the skin. But this would not be that easy, because of the load securing web, which is directly located underneath the outer skin and tensed around the surf equipment tightly. So the thief would need to cut through several „layers“ without damaging the surfing gear, that he attempted to steal and without arousing suspicion. A small lock, which is normally installed in conventional roof boxes, is comparably quick and easy to crack and the subsequent process of unloading the box does not seem that suspicious.

Load securing

Basically, the load in each roof box should be retained and fixed against sliding around. This is especially very important when the box ist not fully loaded. For these purposes, we developed a unique load securing system for our roof boxed, which can be handled one-handed from the rear side of the boxes quick and easy. It is a combination of restraint and tie-down system and especially the unity of these two systems allows to reduce the forces to a minimum and thus protects your surfing equipment perfectly. The restraint system is set to lenght in three places and forms a connection to the front. The tie-down system can be handled from both sides at the rear of the box.

Mounting positions

The roof box can be attached to all common roof racks. In order to maximize the breathability of the bottom, we only used as many cross struts as necessary. The exact connection dimensions can be found in the category "models" on the website. Of course, more than two roof racks can be mounted for support, but this is not necessary. The roof rack must have a minimum length of 860 mm (1400 mm roof box width) or 1140 mm (1680 mm roof box width). However, we recommend more than 980 or 1260 mm, as this makes assembling easier. If the roof carrier foot should sit exactly at the mounting position of the roof box, the U-bracket can not reach around the roof rack spar at this point. For this reason, as shown in the "Models" section, there are two different mounting positions. In case that neither of the two mounting positions fits, we offer an alternative connection kit, just contact us!

Additional fuel consumption

Of course we have tried to design a streamlined roof box. However, the air flow that is generated at cruising speed highly depends on the vehicle´s geometry and the mounting position of the roof box. Therefore, it is not possible to provide a certain value for the fuel consumption. Anyway, so far neither we nor our customers have observed or reported any additional consumption above 1 l / 100 km.

Available colours

Our roof boxes are available in the colours:
"deep black (RAL 9005)" and "anthracite gray (RAL 7016)".

Though, after conferring with us, we could offer as well the following colours:
light gray (RAL 7035)
Ivory (RAL 1015)
chocolate brown (RAL 8017)
cobalt blue (RAL 5013)
ultramarine blue (RAL 5002)
gentian blue (RAL 5010)
sky blue (RAL 5015)
opal green (RAL 6026)
zinc yellow (RAL 1018)
signal yellow (RAL 1003)
pure orange (RAL 2004)
red (RAL ----)
crimson (RAL 3002)
traffic white (RAL 9016)
Dust gray (RAL 7037)
Agate Gray (RAL 7038)
window gray (RAL 7040)
silver (RAL ----)
burgundy (RAL ----)
light blue (RAL 5012)
pearl white (RAL 1013)
moss green (RAL 6005)

Mount roof box and awning in combination

To answer wether one of our boxes can be mounted in combintaion with an awning is not possible for any combinations and systems on the market. When attaching the box a certain accessibility of the box from below, so between the box and vehicle roof is necessary. Even if the box and the awning are not in the way, you should first think about the accessibility for assembly. The attachment points for the awning at Ducato / Jumper / Boxer are so far apart that a 1400er box fits next to the awning. If the box is mounted, for example, on a Fiamma roof rack whose foot is also used at the same time for the attachment of the awning, the box can be fixed first and the awning is then fed in from above in its mounting system. Since the awnings are usually fed in their attachements from above, the difficulty arises only with wider roof boxes are narrower roofs. Most roof racks are high enough so that the roof box may protrude above the awning, but then the accessibility of the roof box attachment is blocked from on side. However, the awning can not be attached later, as the overhang of the box prevents it from being fed in from above. But even in this case, we have a knack, but we recommend that you contact us in advance.


In fact, we are often asked if the outer skin of the box would not "flutter" or "bang" during the ride. Of course, the tarpaulin moves slightly depending on the wind conditions and that's a good thing. However, the tarpaulin sits tight and is supported in many places, so there is no "inflation," "fluttering" or "beating" under any circumstances, as can often be observed on trailer tarpaulins.


In fact, the demand for the fully demountable box was lower than originally anticipated. Due to the reduced complexity of the model Cocoon, we were able to lower the price, which for many customers seems to be more import than the demountability. Therefore, we decided to stop the origami.

Pick up your roof box from us

You are welcome to pick up your roof box from us. We will be happy to arrange an appointment with you.
The collection takes place in 27432 Bremervörde.

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