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Key-features of our roof boxes - Overview

We offer two different sizes, but the boxes have the following features in common:


Windsurf Dachbox Belüftung


The bottom is manufactured out of a coarsely-meshed high-strenght textile. In addition there are ventilation grids on the rear door as well as on both sides of the roof-box. The arrangement of these grids guarantees an efficient ventilation which dries your equipment and prevents overheating. This allows you to leave all your windsurfing gear permanently in the roof box without risking any accelerated osmosis or ageing. No more mould stains and awkward odour!


No wet equipment!

Windsurfing roof box wet bags

No awkward odour!

Windsurfing roof box  moisture and odour
Windsurfing roof box net
Windsurfing roof box door


Windsurfing roof box low rear sill

Low rear sill

The rear doors cover the whole height of the box which leads to a low rear sill and easy access. Hence, the equipment can be inserted diagonally from below reducing loading time and furious climbs. In addition you have a clear overview of your gear.


No danger during loading!

Windsurfing roof box loading with winf

Saves time!

Windsurfing roof box time saver
Windsurfing roof box low rear sill


Windsurf Dachbox Belüftung

Novel tie-down mechanism

The unique tie-down system consists of a combination of tie-down and tie-back mechanisms enabling form closure. Thereby, there is no need for high tie-down forces and the equipment is secured in a gentle way. The mechanism is operated one-handed from the back of the box within seconds.


No more kinking of the sails!

Windsurfing roof box no kinks

Saves time!

Windsurfing roof box time saver
Windsurfen Dachbox ohne Haut
Windsurfing Roof box tie-down system


Windsurfing Roofbox lightweight

Low weight

The aluminum stuture -which is covered by a durable UV-resistant PVC canvas- offers an incredible light-weight potential.
It enables to get reach a lower weight than comparable closed plastic-boxes despite the additional features and accessories.



Windsurfing roof box storage

Storage / demountable

We realised that storing a box of this size at home when it is not neaded is all but impossible. Therefore, our Cocoon modell is dismountable in two separate parts. In this way it is easier to store the box during off-season, a skiing trip or when changing your vehicle. In addition handling of the parts is faciliated, especially when being on your own.



Drying rack

Laundry rack included

Okay, we could not include a rotary clothes dryer... but opening the rear door generates distance to the sensitive car finish and you have plenty of possibilities to attach your wetsuit, boots or hood for drying.



Windsurf Dachbox Design

Custom Design

You would like to have your own logo or a particular design? Or you would prefer another coloured canvas? Contact us as we are keen to meet your interests.


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