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The air-conditioned and easy to load roof box for windsurfing

- Cocoon replaces Origami -

The new model Cocoon is even better ventilated, a little lighter but just as easy to load as the previous model!!!

The Cocoon model is available in two widths. To get a rough guess about the dimensions of the Cocoon: The 1400 mm wide box makes for example full use of the width of the VW T4-T6 or Mercedes Vito roof, while the 1680 mm wide box is flush with the roof of the Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper or Peugeot Boxer, hence currently being the largest roof box on the market.

Cocoon 1400

length [mm] 2790
width [mm] 1400
height [mm] approx. 510
volume [Liter] approx. 1530
weight [kg] approx. 37
size dismounted [mm] 1400 x (approx.) 1400 x 510 (2 pieces)
price [€] 2599

Cocoon 1680

length [mm] 2790
width [mm] 1680
height [mm] approx. 520
volume [Liter] approx. 1930
weight [kg] approx. 41
size dismounted [mm] 1680 x (approx.) 1400 x 520 (2 pieces)
price [€] 2649

Loading example 1400:

roof box Cocoon_1400

Loading example 1680:

roof box Cocoon_1680

The connection points to the roof beams are designed slidable and can be moved continuously along the mounting positions shown in the following figures. Overall, one right and one left connection point at the front and rear mounting position are to be used in each case. Due to the easier accessibility, the outer mounting position is preferred. However, should the feet of the roof rack mounting prevent the mounting of the U-brackets in this area, it can easily be avoided by using the inner mounting positions instead. If both mounting positions are blocked by attachments, we can offer an alternative connection set.

Mounting positions 1400:


Mounting positions 1680:


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