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A fixed rear ladder on my campervan has never been an option for me as I do not like its look and I think it`s an invitation for thieves to capture my car and approach my windsurf gear on top of it. However, I was not sure about the alternative: a telescop ladder....

How long does the ladder need to be? Do I get dents in the car when leaning the ladder against it?

I decided to buy a ladder with 2.61 m length and 48 cm width. As depicted on the picture above, it reaches the car top with the last section not extended. When all sections are slided in, its overall length is about 91 cm, so I can put it in the rear of the van easily. The ladder extends within a few seconds and slides back easilly.

I used self-stick felt pads which I attached on the top end of the two side poles. This is absolutely sufficient to prohibit scratches on the car when leaning the ladder against it. As the ladder top touches close to the car roof, the side panel is pretty stiff in this area and I do not get any dents either.

Ok, when the ground is bumpy, you need to careful, but I already survived one year without any incidents.

The one I have bought needs some silicone spray every once a while to allow a quick sliding of the side poles... but anyway it works and I really like its flexibility.

Additionally, I often use it as towel rack to dry my wetsuit.

For questions feel free to contact me.


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