Roof railing for vans

Caravanschiene für faltbare Windsurf Dachbox

Of course there are anchor points to mount roof racks on top of vans by default. However, their distance does not suit the needs of surfing equipment. Especially when there are roof hatches on the van, than a certain height of the rack is needed allowing to position the gear above those hatches.

There are different roof railing systems for campervans on the market which allow the connection of a transverse rack. Although they are provided specifically for campervans, there is no guarantee that their height is sufficient to top zje roff hatches. Sure, if only short devices are carried, they can be positioned next to the hatches. When carrying windsurfing gear, then you need all the space and are forced to place some of it above the rear hatch.

Hence, I did extensive research to find the best system fulfiling my needs. I´d like to share the solution I have discoverd:

Zölzer offers a caravan rail ('Caravan-Schiene') which can be fixed with a special adhesive (Sikaflex) and/or tapping screws. This rail allows to choose the position of the transverse racks wherever you want. They also offer the transverse racks ('Anschraubträger') . I have chosen type 'BB'. The bottom of the rack is then still lower than my roof hatches, but positioning the racks inbetween the hatches is possible. The top of the racks is then higher (1-2 inches) then the top of the hatches and allows me to position gear above my rear hatch, The transverse racks are equal to the ones I have described in another blog article: Dachträger breiter als Dachreling. With a 170 cm  long bar a Citroen Jumper or Fiat Ducato roof is used to its full width.

The picture shows the caravan rail, the feet and the transverse racks.

The system is quite flexibel and allthough allows the use of a third or fourth rack. Altogether I am super happy with this solutions and now I can mount my nearly 3 m long Foldrox and open the rear hatch to a small gap and fully open the front one.

For questions feel free to contact me.


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