Lockable tiedown straps

Kanulock for folding roof box

Leaving the car with all your surfing equipment on the roof often generates a strange feeling. For sure, reinforced tiedown straps aggravate thieves work but are they really easy to use. I used stainless steel reinforced tiedown straps from KanuLock for two years and summarize my impressions in the following.

A roofbox made of ABS or GFRP is a good choice against thieves. However, I know that their fasteners can be broken in seconds. However, the required time and the created sounds increase the risk of beeing detected.
What about the KanuLocks? Clearly, the thieves would need a larger bolt clipper as the reinforcement is to thick to be cut by a knife or a good pair of scissors. The use of a large bolt clipper on my car roof would hopefully generate a buzz when recognized, therefore, I ordered the KanuLocks in two sizes - 2.5 m (green) and 3.3 m (orange). There are longer ones available as well (4.0 and 5.4 m). The green one is suitable fo a single board or a midsized quiverbag. The orange one takes two waveboards easily - they barely take three boards. 
Be careful when using the straps to their full length! The last 25 cm are not reinforced and the buckles do not grip sufficiently in this area!
Providing the right length, the buckles are easy to use and to lock. From my point of view the locking mechanisms also increases safety as it avoids that the mechanism can be pushed down without purpose. 
Additonally the weigth of the buckles and their rubber cover makes their handling in windy conditions simple as you can put them on your car roof without the danger of scratching it. This makes their use more pleasant compared to the common straps.

You will find further information on the KanuLock website.

For questions feel free to contact me.


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