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Extra wide roof racks

Zölzer roof rack for windsurfing equipment (roof box)

Mounting boards next to each other or next to a roof box is difficult on most car roofs. Especially on cars with comparably narrow roofs like the one on the picture. Fortunately, I found a solution...

Most of the roof rack manufacturers do not offer any products which allow bars extending the feet of the roof rack. In other cases, the extending part is only a few cenitmeters. For example the 'square bar' from one of the largest manufacturers is limited to a certain extent (about 15cm). According to the laws in europe the car width without the side mirrors could be used and I was frustrated to loose so much space.

The german company Zölzer offers a system without these limitations. The length of the bars can be selected as needed. Furthermore, they are much stiffer than my previous ones. You can use those bars in combination with the standard 'Thule'-feets matching your car´s roof. Those are fixed with a sliding block onto the bars. Additionally, there is a high-grade rubber cover available. You will find more information on their website.

I used the roof racks over two years and did not find any drawbacks, I love them. I used bars with a length of 150 cm, whereas the standard one for the rear is 90 cm. This way I could mount two boards next to each other. The board on the left has a width of 75 cm!

For safety reasons I used longer tiedown straps so I could loop them around the feet of the racks.

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